Sales Desk Solutions

Terrantic's sales desk solutions can
save you thousands of hours...
but how?

Optimize process flows and transform produce traceability and grower accounting. Terrantic Copilot comes with out of the box tools to automate demand planning, sales planning and packhouse schedules, simply by leveraging your existing data.  Even if you already have one or more of these systems, Copilot can enrich your existing applications with better data to inform your decisions.  Follow the journey of an apple from orchard => box => retail to enable precise grower accounting.

Demand Analysis & Forecasting

Model demand using historical data, factoring inmarket trends, seasonality, promotions, and currentcustomer orders​. Customize the model based onyour business goals.

Sales & Inventory Planning

Calculate inventory and safety stock requirementsfor each packhouse based on demand forecasts andincoming orders​​. Maintain a real-time dashboard foreasy visibility into sales orders, forecasts, and bequickly alerted to any deviations.

Packhouse Allocation & Scheduling

Allocate packing requests across packhouse portfoliobased on rules, inventory, and specific packhouse attributes​​.Auto-generate packing instructions for each packhouse,considering the schedule, apple variety, and demand allocation​​.